As a mum of five, a business owner and someone who is also renovating our family home I have to say I’m rather busy. There is a steady routine and busy schedule to follow every day, not to mention those things that life just throws at you.

And I love it. These are all my choices and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But as the ‘engine’ of the family I have learned to accept that I am not superwoman. That I need time off sometimes, space away and a chance to recharge.

There is always lots of hype around ‘me-time’ and recharging informing us of what we should do and when. I found I was fortunate enough to thoroughly re-set between Friday and Sunday of last week. It wasn’t something I planned, and it wasn’t my aim, but I think subconsciously I became aware that I needed a little breather and it just all unfolded as I needed it.

First of all, I have really been through the mill this last year emotionally from bereavement to emergency surgery and all things in between its been tough. But of course, I have also had the daily support and care to give to my family. There is no surprise that I began to feel a little depleted. So, when the opportunity arose for me to have a Reiki session, I embraced it.

It was carried out by someone I know and trust but to be honest I had never had reiki before and didn’t know what to expect. My friend Mo explained everything to me upon arrival while calming music played in the background and I clambered up onto the treatment table.

She explained that there were a range of experiences I may feel and of course if I was uncomfortable at all to let her know. She then placed her hands over my head, and I took some deep breaths, closed my eyes and relaxed. Mo’s hands never touched my skin, but I could feel heat from them, a relaxing warmth that filled my mind with a fuzzy summer day kind of sensation. It was a pleasant experience and made me feel at ease and comfortable.

What did surprise me was when Mo moved her hands away from my head that the sensation evaporated. Other sensations were felt when she moved about my body, sometimes even quite a cold feeling. Most interesting to me though was when Mo returned her hands to my head, I clearly saw lazy colours moving behind my eyelids – much like a lava lamp. Dark green and deep purple.

After the treatment Mo and I chatted about sensations and colours and what they could mean. I was surprised to learn that Mo had experienced what I had sensed too!

I left feeling at peace and sort of cleansed and rejuvenated. I’m not talking about fully of energy but an altogether different feeling that I really rather enjoyed. If I am the engine of my family, then this was certainly a long overdue MOT.


The following day I had booked on a quilting course. By chance it turned into a one to one session that I truly and thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve always been able to sew –I’m crafty and creative by nature. But I only really ever get the sewing machine out to run up curtains or make something for the house/kids. There was no real recreation in it. But I have always wanted to quilt. The teacher was fantastic, and I came away with a great little patchwork that marks beginning of my quilting adventure.

So, back to the analogy of being the engine to my family – my quilting course topped up my creativity (which is vital in my work), its like topping up the oil and water levels.


Finally, on Sunday I got out into the garden. I LOVE gardening. I love growing seeds, harvesting fruit, smelling the flowers everything. I finally got around to re-designing the borders around the back of the house. With a dog and kids there are restrictions to how I use the garden and what I plant but I came up with something that suits everyone and the whole family got involved to put it into place. I had them digging, planting, repotting and gravelling. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and the end result truly calms and soothes my soul as I sit and enjoy it.

So, the last part of my recharge was a little polish and buff – something that I can sit and admire.


All in all, various parts of me had a recharge, a top up and a little attention which has resulted in me feeling like I’m raring to go. I’m a little more relaxed, a little more positive and perhaps a little more available too.


I highly recommend Mo from Essence of Calm, Michelle Corbin Designs for all things sewing and thank you to my crazy friend Lisa too.