Hello, welcome and thank you for your subscription.

This is a brand new service we are offering here at Happy Tokens and our aim is very simple: by providing carefully selected stationary type items we aim to raise a little Happiness. We aim to make children feel good, have fun and enjoy the little things in life – and if you are here then you have the same goals!

So, each month  a child will be sent our HappyPost and it will be around about the same time every month.

We check in weekly to make up my orders so you should recieve your post within a week of ordering it.

We may contact you for some additional input, as this is a very personailsed service unique to each child.

Equally should you have any queries, feedback or ideas please dont hesitate to message us and we will get right back to you.

Should you feel the need to leave us, for whatever reason, simply log in to your Paypal account and within a few clicks its all taken care of.