What a Sleep Therapist is?

I’m a sleep therapist for children so I help parents that struggle with their children’s sleep behaviour. Sleep deprivation it is not easy and can affect so many parts of our daily life. Support and a bespoke plan is the key. There are so many aspects to consider such as child temperaments, special needs, parenting style , routine, diet and many more. Each child is unique but 95% of cases are behaviour and I can help parents/carers improve the child’s sleep and therefore the family life balance.

I consult with parents on a variety of sleep issues such as:

  • Bedtime battles,
  • Frequent night waking,
  • Early rising (before 6 am),
  • Nightmares,
  • Nap refusals,
  • Unwanted co-sleeping,
  • Overcoming the bottle / dummy dependency,
  • Transitioning to a big bed,
  • Inability to self-settle,
  • Reflux,
  • Routine.

How long have you been a Sleep Therapist and why did you become one?

Over the years I have undertaken several child psychology courses, and the knowledge gained has become invaluable within my childcare roles. My qualifications range from fully qualified Montessori teacher, Maternity Nurse, Breast Feeding Consultant and now Sleep Therapist. I have just launched a business in June.

I became a Sleep Therapist shortly after the experience with my eldest child, who, for 7 months, had difficulty with sleeping. This resulted in sleepless nights for us, his parents, and an irritable, frustrated and exhausted child. Throughout this time my partner and I were at our wits end and had no idea of what to do. It was at that point that we reached out for the help of a Sleep Consultant, who not only transformed our lives, but, more importantly, helped my son sleep throughout the night, enabling him to return to his happy self again.

Having experienced this situation first hand, I knew my calling was to help fellow parents and carers who are in the same boat, who not only needed a sense of calm back in their life, but who also understood how important sleep is for the healthy development of their child.

What is the best thing about being a Sleep Therapist?

The support I can give. The family is never left to feel alone. Step by step I am there to help them implement changes, to adjust and modify a plan based on their own child’s needs and the way that child  responds . Support is the vital because a parent who is tired is more likely to give up but if (s)he has the right support that is based on knowledge and without judgement it can make all the difference. I am passionate about my job and nothing gives me more joy than to see a family finally be able to move on with their life being able to function normally and be happy.

What type of things do parents normally contact you for

The service that I aim to offer is an honest and gentle approach that will help secure and strengthen the mutual bond between you and your child. I provide you with the tools, the support and all the help you need to bring your child back to a healthier place, and ultimately to help them sleep throughout the whole night. My support will always be focused on the child’s welfare, working towards helping them achieve the sleep necessary to have plenty of energy to become curious about, and explore, the world that surrounds them. Ultimately, a child who sleeps well, for long enough, will learn more easily and thrive. Depending on the age of the child age I have many things I can help parents implement plans such as bespoke rewards systems, sleep/wake clocks, sleep manner records, sleep diaries for the family, and much, much more.

What does a day in the life of a Sleep Therapist normally look like?

Busy!  I have 2 children so everything revolves around their routine. I tend to catch up on my calls around lunch time and do zoom calls in the evenings and weekends. Developing a bespoke client plan takes a lot of time as each one is unique so that work is normally left for the evening. 2 evenings per week I put time aside to study, read, and generally keep on top of my game. Sometimes that can be talking to other consultants, teachers or health professionals, other times it can include research. The more I learn the more I can help people and that is what I love to do.


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