Parent like a duck.


Its Easter break and I recently visited a little lake with my children. The weather was lovely (for a change) and we were only there for a couple of hours. It was a ‘lets get some fresh air’ trip.

All we did was walk around the lake. We spotted birds and flowers and watched the wildlife and it was really lovely.

There was an island in the lake, and we could see a swan that appeared to be sat on a nest. While looking and discussing the swan  a tiny lone duckling came waddling out and plopped unceremoniously into the water and made a beeline towards us on the opposite bank.

Only when the duckling was half way across did his mum appear on the island and slip elegantly into the water and follow.

The duckling showed no caution and swam right up to us to show off his fluffy yellow and black plumage – his mum hung back a little. The duckling bobbed about at the edge of the water and explored and swam about gloriously. He was followed by mum who came up and touched him with her bill now and again but pretty much let him explore and discover at will.

Another type of bird was nearby and unexpectedly made a bit of a show of not being a fan of the duckling which resulted in the poor little mite being dunked.

When the ducking resurfaced, he appeared wet through and tiny with drenched feathers, but a quick shake reinstated his fluff.

During this time mum was nearby but non plussed. He knew she was there and swam over to her and they continued on her merry way.


I stood in awe at her parenting. No fuss, no berating she parented from afar. She gently nudged her duckling now and again and it looked like she did this to let him know she was there and reassure him. But it was a beautiful example of hands-off parenting.

A style I need to embrace more to ensure a great upbringing experience for my children.


So over the Springtime, why not give it a go and parent like a duck?