Chore Pack Pouch (pack of 5)




5 individually cut Chore tokens:

Tap, bed ,cutlery, pencil and ruler and a t-shirt (to be interpreted as wanted)

Colours will be a random mix from across our ranges including the colours shown

One Drawstring Pouch

Add-on packs are regularly released so keep in touch!

Our tokens measure 2.8cm in diameter and are 3mm thick approximately

Colours are as stated in the text and may vary from the images shown

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This Token pack was specifically designed with a dual aspect in mind.

Firstly Chore Tokens themselves can be collected each day and result in a Happy Token being awarded. The colours of the tokens make them fun and less overwhelming than a seemingly ‘long’ list.

Additionally by incorporating a bag into the product, children can draw one chore at a time, preventing protests when it comes to who does what. The system is completely ‘fair’ and adds a little fun, especially to those with low self-esteem, self-confidence or sibling rivalry.

This is a great pack to encourage your youngsters to carry out age appropriate chores while feeling included and productive.