Healthy Choice Tokens (pack of 5 mixed)




5 individually cut Food tokens.

Currently: Grapes, Apple, Bannana, Broccoli and a Mushroom

Wider varieties of tokens are becoming available all the time so keep in touch!

Colours may include: Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Red and Beige.

Our tokens measure 2.8cm in diameter and are 3mm thick approximately

Colours are as stated in the text and may vary from the images shown


With the promotion of Healthy Eating awareness among our children has grown.

Using our Healthy Eating Tokens at home will continue their learning and aid your children in developing healthy habits and recognising food groups through balanced diets.

Collecting five a day is a great way to assure your children are making healthy choices and brings discussions around food to the fore.

Alternatively, these Tokens can be used to encourage your children to try new foods by turning the subject of eating into a fun and colourful game.

Purchase a Happy Token bag too and add to the fun by drawing out a token to fit your child’s specific goals.