Large Emotion Token (10) on Keyring




10 different and individually cut Emotion tokens:

Displaying a wide variety of expressions (all unlabelled to allow personal interpretation to)

Colours are mixed and vary to suit individual expressions,

1 x Large keyring

Our Emotion Tokens measure 5cm in diameter and are 3mm thick approximately

Colours are as stated in the text and may vary from the images shown


Portable and fun our Emotion Token products cover a whole range of applications.

Ideal for teaching emotional awareness and literacy this attractive little bundle suits all capabilities from youngsters to non-verbal children, aiding everything from communication to learning emotional regulation.

For adaptability our Emotion Tokens show emotions yet remain unlabellled.

Let your child decide how the different expressions feel to them and how they can best express that.

For use at home with our Token Tubes and Racks take a look at our standard size Emotion Tokens. Just as portable the smaller alternative can be a little more discreet.