PECS inspired Communication Tiles (pack of 10)




10 Extra Large individually designed Communication Tiles (mixed)

1 Large keyring

Toilet, cutlery, heart, T-shirt, tap, bath, comb, bed, apple, and a toothbrush  (to be interpreted to suit)

Colours are mixed and vary.

Our tokens measure 8cm x 8cm and are 3mm thick approximately

Colours are as stated in the text and may vary from the images shown


This colourful, tactile and sensory product can offer great support to all children. From speech and language challenges to visual impairments and physical disabilities, the shape, size and overall design of this product has been developed to cater for everyone.

Our Tiles are a super, colourful and a fun way to communicate with children who need extra support. Both the symbols and the colour of the tiles can act as a way to express needs. The Tiles are easily recognisable from afar due to size and colour association and are both wipeable and washable. Factors considered in the design of theses attractive aids included convenience, durability, portability and of course a splash of fun!