Routine Tokens (pack of 10)




10 individually cut Routine tokens:

Tap, bed, cutlery, pencil and ruler, a t-shirt, toothbrush, toilet, bath ,comb and apple (all to be interpreted to suit your needs)

Colours are a random mix from across our range including those shown .

Our tokens measure 2.8cm in diameter and are 3mm thick approximately

Colours are as stated in the text and may vary slightly from the images shown


Establishing a routine can be difficult and yet so important tosome children.

These tokens can help a child’s anxiety, or improve their memory, while encouraging independence and a sense of achievement. Whatever the reason for using these tokens the result is positivite.

Either collect all ten daily to receive a Happy Token or just focus on specific tasks. Have the tokens available somewhere where the child can pick what they do to encourage time management, responsibility and self-confidence.