Token Tile Case




1 x Large Token Tile case

10 Large Tokens Tiles may include apple, comb, bed, tap, toilet, pencil and ruler, cutlery, T-shirt, heart, carrot, teddy bear, shoes, bag, car, people

1 x Case stand (2 feet)


Colours are mixed and vary

The case dimensions are 9cm x 23cm. Token Tile measurements are 4cm x 4cm and 30mm thick approximately

Colours are as stated in the text and may vary from the imgaes shown


Our fantastic Token Tile Case is as multi-functional as it is attractive. Alongside our ever- developing range of Token Tiles the case can be utilised to meet a variety of needs.

Using this product bedtimes and mornings become less hectic and more rewarding. As a Visual Timetable the Tiles can be followed to encourage independence and impart a sense of achievement.

Alternatively, Tiles can be placed into the case as and when particular steps have been completed. If your child prefers a set routine, knowing what will happen and in what order, Token Tiles will help them feel prepared for how their day will develop.

Our product can also be used as a Focus Case. If your child has a goal to work towards the Token Tile Case acts as a visual reminder to keep them assured and on track.

Another use for our Tile Case is to celebrate achievements. Once a daily goal is met, place the Tile in the Case to reward your child and encourage a new habit.