Token Tiles (Pack of 10)




10 Large different and individually cut Token Tiles may include:

An apple, heart, comb, carrot, tap, bed, toilet, ruler and pencil, cutlery, bath, T-shirt, toothbrush, a bag, shoes, a red cross, a car, a teddy bear, people, a paw print or a fish.

Colours are mixed and vary.

Our token tiles measure 4cm x 4cm and are 30mm thick

Colours may vary to those shown in images


Our Token Tiles are an add-on to the Token Tile Case which is used as a Focus aid or a Visual timetable. The Token Tiles available are somewhat generic and cleverly designed to provide as many interpretations as possible. As such the designs includes daily occurrences such as a pencil and ruler tile (for homework), a comb tile (for brushing/combing hair), an eating tile (for healthy eating/snack time or five a day), a bed (make your bed/get up/go to bed), a bath tile and a knife and fork tile (time to eat/set the table/clear the table/table manners) to name but a few.

The possibilities are endless.