Since 2012 The Happy Token Company has been successfully designing and manufacturing for the Education Sector. We have extensive experience and expertise in designing bespoke ranges. We listen, advise and build a system specific to your school. No two systems are the same.

We provide :

  • Personalised House systems
  • End of year plaques
  • Classroom systems
  • Table systems
  • Individual systems
  • Leader boards
  • Badges and more…

All completely customised with any  designs desired- cut or etched.

This gives us the freedom to offer specialised products such as Healthy Eating ranges, Star of the Week Awards, Character Strength Tokens and Table Awards to name but a few. We are unique in our level of customisation.

Your imagination is just the start…

We are experts

We are the experts in our field and produce the very best quality products. Nothing is produced en masse and every single detail is carefully considered to make your purchase entirely one of a kind and perfect for your school.

Fun and Creative

Children thrive on the sense of fun, inclusion and motivation our systems inject into school life . The House System promotes a sense of community and responsibility for all ages and all levels of.Happy Tokens recognise participation,effort, growth and achievement .Customisable, colourful and popular, with pupils and staff alike, each aspect of our school systems are a wonderful way to implement a range of elements required in the National Curriculum.

Tick all the boxes

As a cohesive way to promote a sense of ownership, team spirit and community; house systems ensure students aspire to achieve their fullest potential.  SMSC, BESD, SEMH, PSHE and citizenship can be implemented using our products. A house system is a positive way to record pupil contributions as a team and individually.

The ways in which a House system can be integrated are self-defining and numerous but popular trends include each house supporting charities of choice or pitching themselves against each other in school events to encourage healthy competition.

Ultimately how a House System is used is utterly customisable to your schools values. It is a bespoke system that speaks volumes to those involved in the school and those visiting.

Our products are fun, colourful and most of all they are tangible. Children respond to the tactile aspect much better than the abstract concept of digital rewards and the constant visual impact provides encouragement and incentive.

We don’t provide blanket prices, both your custom and your requirements are individual – so are our prices.

A few words from the professionals:

A few pictures of school products we have designed and made in the past: