Happy Tokens for Parents

Be gone stuffy old sticker charts, fads and systems they grow out of and hello Happy Tokens!
Hello to a completely bespoke system for your child.
Hello to utilising positive discipline while encouraging topics of consequence and challenge.
Hello to resilience, emotional literacy and awareness.
Hello to a subtle way to introducing finance and budgeting.
Hello to recognition, praise and celebration.
Hello to Happiness!

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Happy Tokens for Schools

Happy Token systems are used all over the world in schools and other institutions. We offer professional in-house customisation and design, plus a great variety of products and the very best quality. From teaching staff to SENDCO, to schools, nurseries and creches we have a diverse range of customers. We work with charities, hospitals, local government and NHS providers. Add Educational Psychologists and Occupational Therapists to our customer base and our experience and expertise is evident. We are the best at what we do. So we are confident that we can provide for any needs you may have too.

More Than Happy Tokens

We can design Happy Tokens for any individual child and any particular need. We offer professional advice and input in all designs. And by using our expertise for specific needs we always leave our customers happy. Happy Tokens are constantly coming up with modern and innovative products and always provide the very best customer experience. We take great pride and care in all aspects of our work and products to ensure excellence. We develop, design and produce all under one roof so whatever you need we can provide. Just like our designs our prices are unique, so contact us for a quote.

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We have a private Happy Members area accessible for customer where we offer freebies, info and updates


We have an amazing Parent Panel to trial new products, help with development and give us their opinions and feedback

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We have a brilliant giveaway on our FB page every 4 months for a the Supporter of the Quarter who likes and comments the most

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We have specifically designed Token Tots each with their own name and personality that all children can relate to