Welcome to the Happy Token Shop.

 All our products are listed in the following three catagories, so take a look to see what suits your needs.

As everything is designed and produced by Happy Tokens, feel free to make suggestions or ask for complete customisation.

Products are updated regularly so be sure to pop in from time to time and catch up on whats new.

Token Tube Starter Packs

Our starter packs are the very essence of what we do here at Happy Tokens.

Everything that is needed to start using our systems are here.

From Basic packs to personalised packs to the double packs for your little VIPs, this is your starting point

Tokens, Tokens and more Tokens

Our Token packs offer different extensions to the Starter packs and can expand the way you use Happy Token Systems..

Develop the colour scheme, add bonus Gold or Silver, or choose a whole new range.

Everything you need to add more colour, variety, fun and a little extra support.

More Than Happy Tokens

Happy Tokens take support to the next level but still caters for very individual needs and capabilities .

Travel Tokens for when you are out, Visual Timetables, Emotion Tokens and more

Additional reinforcement tools that are colourful, fun and SEND friendly.

How To Use Happy Tokens….