If you’re in search of Summer Creativity then let me introduce you to Alison from Dispel Art. In her own words Alison tells us about her role and her aims within Dispel Art.

Dispel: make a doubt, feeling or belief disappear #everyoneanartist

I am a creative facilitator once referred to as an ‘Idea Midwife’ – a title I love 💕 I help bring ideas from the imagination into the ‘real world ‘ I help the young and the young at heart reignite and inspire their creativity and imagination.

My role allows me to take a step back from an adult led outcome based perspective and instead embrace a learner led approach we journey together with support and encouragement along the way with other than the obvious health and safety issues (scissors etc) no rules or restrictions embracing the uncertainty of where it will lead them.

I help each individual discover and realise that they have within them the power to create and creativity is a skill much the same as any other such as walking, swimming or knitting- it is a skill which needs regular practice and patience to arrive at a place where you feel accomplished and proud of your achievements.

I have been a creative facilitator in my current role for over three years now but have been utilising the same tool box of skills for over 20 years through education and volunteer work with Girlguiding.org.uk

I love the uncertainty and infinite possibilities an idea may take a child or adult – it is a joy and a pleasure to be a part of the process.

Being a Creative Facilitator is an amazing job – one day we can be in a magical land fighting dragons and the next on a racetrack competing for the shiny cup!

I also absolutely love it when working with families and they have a lightbulb moment – the exact second it dawns upon the adult that they can be creative, they can support their child they can enter their worlds of imagination with very little specialised equipment they just have to be in the moment – to see the world through a child’s eyes – when the floor becomes lava and the cushions are. Rocks and the blanket fort is a safe haven for goblins who enjoy chicken ice lollies for breakfast 😊 This is when I know my work is done – being creative becomes as natural as breathing in and out and I know the magic will occur beyond the session and into their homes.


The ability to use your imagination and realise that the world is open to creative interpretation is something that builds resilience and confidence. I aim to show adults that negative experiences of art and creativity in their past don’t necessarily have to be the legacy for their children or grandchildren- they can break the cycle – they can realise that often keeping it simple and during what you have can be extremely fun and exciting. Children through creativity learn to problem solve to reflect upon different perspectives to relax and explore in a safe environment, it is a fantastic way of encouraging and promoting early literacy and story telling skills. This was the catalyst for my introduction of my Ted Spiral adventures – often one hour a week at my clubs and workshops isn’t long enough to really loose yourself in your creativity- being able to access resources, support and starting points from your own home is a fantastic way to ensure creativity can be on hand 24/7 when the muse strikes. This range is particularly beneficial to any children who may be experiencing social anxiety meaning even small groups are a challenge.


My favourite days are the days I spend exploring, creating and imagining new lands or simply drawing and sketching ideas and concepts to help others become confident and happy with their own unique creative style. All days contain copious amounts of tea and the BEST days involve cake!



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