Meet Tilly

Tilly doesn’t have any brothers or sisters so she loves playing with other children.

Tilly likes to go to the park, she loves parties and princess’. Tilly has a princess bedroom with pink walls and a pink bed. Tilly keeps her bedroom very tidy and always makes her bed and puts her toys away. Tilly has some very beautiful toys that Daddy brings home for her from other countries.

Tilly loves school and loves to learn. She is learning letters and numbers at school. Mum helps Tilly with her reading and writing at home. She says Tilly is very clever.

Tilly has pink tokens and gold ones too. Tilly gets lots of tokens. Tilly never gets sad tokens

Meet Travis

Travis comes from a big family with lots of brothers and sisters. Travis has 3 brothers and two sisters that live in his house. He also has 2 more sisters  who live in his dad’s house. Travis doesnt mind his sisters but his brothers get on his nerves.

Travis and his brothers argue and fall out a lot. Travis’ mum uses teamwork tokens with all the boys.

Mum gives Travis and his brothers a teamwork token when she sees them working together. Travis has blue teamwork tokens. He likes collecting his tokens because mum gives him a special reward.

Travis has competitions with his brothers about who can get the most happy tokens.

Meet Ronnie

Ronnie loves to play football. He also plays for his school football team and goes to football matches.

If he could Ronnie would just play football all day.

Ronnie also likes to play online games. Ronnie’s mum uses Tech Tokens to help him with time management when playing.

Ronnie also uses a Token Chore Pack with his siblings.

Happy tokens helps Ronnie do the things he likes.

Ronnine’s mum let Ronnie pick all his colours for his happy token system. He picked the colours of  his favourite football team. Ronnie doesn’t have his name on his tube he has the name of his favourite toy: Tigger

Meet Penny

Penny has a twin sister called Poppy. They look exactly like each other but Poppy wears glasses.

Penny likes Poppy with her new glasses so Penny’s mum gives her special kindness tokens for helping Poppy feel better and other acts of kindness. Penny likes her kindness tokens. Penny has green kindness tokens. Penny likes to see lots of green tokens in her tube. It makes her feel good.

Penny also gets happy tokens for doing her reading homework. Penny doesnt like reading or homework. Penny has something called Dyslexia which can make learning hard work. Penny’s mum uses gold tokens for when Penny tries really hard with her schoolwork.

Meet Huan

Huan collects teddy bears. He has lots and lots of teddy bears and they all sleep on his bed. His favourite teddy is called Gilbert.

Gilbert goes everywhere with Huan. Huan gets sick a lot and has to spend a lot of time in hospital. Gilbert goes with Huan to the doctors and the hospital every single time. The doctors and nurses at the hospital are very kind to Huan. Sometimes the nurses wrap a bandage around Gilbert just like the bandages that Huan has. All of Huans family come to see Huan and Gilbert when they are in hospital and somtimes they bring Huan a new teddy bear.

Huan even has teddy bears on his Happy Tokens.



Meet Poppy

Poppy has a twin sister called Penny. Poppy wears glasses to help her see but Penny doesnt wear glasses.

Poppy doesn’t like to wear her glasses and can worry about that and other things in bed at night

Poppy finds sleeping at night very difficult.

Poppy’s mum found Happy Tokens to help Poppy with sleeping and staying in bed at night

Poppy has some very special tokens made just for her when she wears her glasses.

Poppy’s favourite colour is yellow and her tokens are yellow.

Meet Stan

Stan loves Lego. Stan can spend hours playing with Lego creating things and he is very good at it.

Stan find it difficult to remember things. Stan gets upset when he can’t remeber things.

Stans mum uses routine tokens to help Stan remember things. Stan gets extra tokens for trying.

Stan doesnt like some foods either. Mum is using the healthy eating tokens to help Stan experiment with food.

Stan has a special multicoloured pack of tokens with his tube. Stan doesn’t have green or black tokens. Stan doesnt like the colour green or black