Happy Members

coming soon!

Our exclusive Happy Members area is available to anyone who has made a purchase from us. Its a doorway into additional benefits and is filled with extra’s to ensure you and your children remain Happy. We include…


An ever expanding list of reward inspirations put together to help. Frequently updated, we consider we includedifferent price ranges and seasonal choices.


Who better to deliver Top tips for success than the Token Tots. Each Tot has thier own personality and individual challenges. Can you relate? Can your children?


There are lots of different and exciting ways to use Happy Tokens, all of which get great results. We have some great ideas on how to use all of our products. So, go on shake it up a little!


We never have a Sale, Clearance or Special Offers in our shop. Only in the members area will you find Coupons, Codes and BOGOF’s, exclusive releases only for Happy Members


You can let us know what you’ve been up to and we will share our our sneak previews, the customer charity we are supporting and maybe even a competition or two


Anything else thats interesting, fun, or customers and members ask for will be available here. Sometimes we will ask for your help or opinion or share something with you