A Guest Blog by Happiness and Wellbeing Coach Mrs Mojo:


I’ve always been fascinated by colour and psychology. I remember reading magazine articles in my 20s suggesting the best colours to wear for a job interview.

Then, when I became a mum in my 30s, I was fascinated to see what colours could affect the moods of my kids, along with their behaviour.

When I turned 40, I studied chakras and their development. It totally ties in with what I learned, when I studied child psychology. Better still, the chakras are linked with key colours and elements of behaviour.

But, being a former journalist, I wanted to see the proof.

I wanted to see for myself how colour could affect behaviour and emotions, based on what I’d learned about chakras.

Recently, I was lucky enough to be the lead coach of a team of teachers, working with a girl with complex behavioural and emotional needs.

She’d had a really rough life and was very close to being locked away in a secure unit. The girl had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism, and she loved my crystal chakra bracelet, so I got her one.

I let her choose the colours that appealed to her, and what she chose tied in with everything she needed.

And that’s my first tip – you will know what colour you need in any situation, in order to feel better. Your body and mind are amazing. If you start to listen to what they’re telling you, you’ll uncover wonderful things. Simply wearing the colour, or holding  an object of that colour can have such an impact on mood and well-being.

So, it’s helpful to know what colours are tied to the emotions and behaviours you may want to let go of and heal.

First up, red is associated with the root chakra, which is all about feeling like you’ve got a solid foundation. It’s about feeling safe. Now, in psychology a lot of people will say to avoid red if you or your child is feeling angry, but if the anger stems from a feeling of insecurity, or feeling unsafe, then the colour red will help. It works wonders for children with ADHD and autism and my student often wore red. It provides the sense of security, safety and a solid foundation. It’s wonderful for children with anxiety.

My student’s other favourite colour was black and black is all about protection. It’s a wonderful colour to protect your energy and your feelings. Interestingly given black is linked to protection, my son chose a black stone to take to school with him after going through a difficult period of being bullied. He intuitively knew what was best for him. So, black will help you or your child feel protected from other people, their actions and from situations. A Happy Token can work just as well and is discreet.

After the root chakra, is the sacral chakra which is orange. It’s all about finding your identity. Orange will help you or your child if they’re feeling guilty all the time, they blame themselves for things, or if they feel restless. It works for angry children too, if it stems from a lack of control, or worry. In fact, orange is great to heal a lot of intense emotions.

Next is the solar plexus chakra which is yellow. This is about your personal power. Yellow will help you or your child have self confidence, self esteem and self belief. It’s the ray of sunshine to give you hope. Yellow is great for children who are very sensitive, timid, indecisive or needy.

Then it’s the heart chakra which is pink, or green. This is the chakra associated with love – of yourself and others. So, if you or your child are feeling unloved, pink or green is the colour for you. These colours are also great for feelings of jealousy, bitterness, or not being able to let things go.

If you or your child is struggling with being heard, then blue is the colour to wear. It’s associated with the throat chakra which is all about communication. It also helps with feelings of not being able to trust others, being cold with others, or feeling ignored.

The third eye chakra is purple and it’s linked to your inner voice and intuition. Purple is a great colour to wear if you or your child have a scattered mind, a blinkered vision, or suffer from headaches, or sinus problems.

The crown chakra is white or violet and is all about feeling connected to the world and others. The crown chakra is focused on development of spiritual gifts. So, wearing white, or violet can help you or your child if you need help to find a purpose in life, or a deeper connection with others. It helps with depression, or other mental health disorders too.

Your chakras open and close on a daily basis and a block can cause the emotional, or physical issues linked to each chakra. Think of it as a blocked pipe. The associated colour with the chakra can help clear the block, so that’s why colour is so important and effective.

It’s up to you, or your child how long you need a certain colour – again, let your intuition be your guide.

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